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Hi there, I'm Lisa!

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As far back as I can remember, I was able to see spirits and feel energy moving around me. I was always described as shy and sensitive to the point of hating the word sensitive. I also did not understand why walking into an old building or a crowd was overwhelming to me. Then add in continuous anxiety and depression. Now take all of this and fast forward into adulthood, the combination made me afraid of everything even my own shadow. I was always jumpy and on edge.

In my quest to help me feel better a friend suggested I see a medium. The experience was a life changing, unforgettable moment. She helped me understand that I was an empath and what was going around me energetically.  She suggested I try a Reiki session. After my first session, I was hooked! When I decided to learn Reiki is was about helping me feel in control of my energy not necessarily how can I help others.

After the loss of my sister, Angie, to cancer in 2014, she told me I need to help others. In order to do this I had to work through a lot of trust and self confidence issues.  Angie continued to push me. She would not let me give up.

I have worked hard to expand my knowledge and heal my wounds to be able to help my clients. I love what I do and my passion only grows stronger!


Two Sisters Origin

There are a multiple meanings on what Two Sisters means to me

....I have two younger sisters

....after my sister Angie passed, there are two sisters remaining sister works from the human realm and one sister works from the angelic realm

The picture to the right is from the day I filed my official paperwork for Two Sisters.  Angie guided me to take a picture near this fountain.  I was so amazed when I saw she showed herself in the picture.  This is also how the purple theme started too.

Below is my favorite picture of Angie. I also included a few heart pictures, my sign to recognize Angie. She is always leaving them in the most creative of ways. My kids and I get so excited when we see them!

Angie 2002.jpg
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